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My research interests mainly deal with Geometric Measure Theory and sub-Riemannian Geometry. Among the problems I worked are

  • the regularity of sub-Riemannian geodesics
  • the Sard problem for extremal curves
  • minimal hypersurfaces in Heisenberg groups
  • properties of submanifolds in sub-Riemannian Geometry
  • Geometric Measure Theory, especially fine properties of BV functions and sets with finite perimeter.

All my papers and preprints are available on cvgmt. You can also find me on MathSciNet.

A list of collaborators friends includes
L. Ambrosio
F. Boarotto
S. Don
A. Julia
E. Le Donne
G. P. Leonardi
V. Magnani
M. Miranda Jr.
R. Montgomery
R. Monti
T. K. Nguyen
S. Nicolussi Golo
A. Ottazzi
P. Pansu
A. Pigati
A. Pinamonti
S. Rigot
F. Serra Cassano
J. T. Tyson

Here is a collaborator that is not a friend:
A. Massaccesi

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